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The Scandal Plan
or: How to Win the Presidency by Cheating On Your Wife

The Scandal Plan is out in paperback!


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"A wild look behind the scenes of a desperate campaign"
-- The Connecticut Post

With only a few months until Election Day, presidential-hopeful Senator Ben Phillips is getting battered in the polls and his staff is getting desperate.  Smart, capable, fair, and honest, Phillips is the perfect man for the job—but he bores the voting public because he's such a straight arrow.  Fortunately, political guru Thomas Campman has had an epiphany: all the candidate needs to revitalize his image—and to clear his path to the White House—is a tiny fake sex scandal, because there's nothing more humanizing than a harmless bit of dirt from the past.

Though it takes some convincing, Phillips gives Campman the green light. The plan is set in motion, and, right on schedule, a phony former mistress steps forward to accuse the senator of infidelity. But scandals--even the premeditated kind--rarely go as planned. Before long, Campman's scheme snowballs into a three-ring circus complete with a linguistically challenged Mexican chauffeur who thinks he's James Bond, a highly sexed middle-aged woman who's convinced she'll never land one of the really good guys, and a political cub reporter for TeenVibe magazine who's sure he's on the trail of the biggest story since Watergate.

"A funny, fast-paced story"
-Publishers Weekly

"[Folman] writes with a deliciously jaundiced eye ... a twisted plot and characters worthy of Carl Hiaasen"
-- Associated Press

"If you’re looking for a great fun summer political read, you have to read The Scandal Plan…The author is a big new talent named Bill Folman…If you like the movie Wag the Dog and like laughing out loud, take The Scandal Plan to the beach, and people will be asking you what’s so funny."
--Matt Miller, host of Left, Right & Center

"Anyone who treats politics as a comedy must be either brilliant or insane. The Scandal Plan is thankfully and fantastically both ...
This is the good stuff."

--Brad Meltzer, New York Times bestselling
author of The Book of Fate

If you've already read the book and love it, find out how to spread the word and make it a bestseller!

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