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Praise for The Scandal Plan

"If you’re looking for a great fun summer political read, you have to read The Scandal Plan…The author is a big new talent named Bill Folman…If you like the movie Wag the Dog and like laughing out loud, take The Scandal Plan to the beach, and people will be asking you what’s so funny."

--Matt Miller, host of Left, Right & Center

"Anyone who treats politics as a comedy must be either brilliant or insane. The Scandal Plan is thankfully and fantastically both.  Read the Prologue right now. Go. It's only two pages. I'll wait. See? This is the good stuff.""

--Brad Meltzer, New York Times bestselling
author of The Book of Fate

"The story is made up, but the reader's enjoyment of this funny book is real ... [Folman] writes with a deliciously jaundiced eye ... a twisted plot and characters worthy of Carl Hiaasen"

-- Associated Press
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"Folman does a great job of constructing a funny, fast-paced story with plenty of texture."

-- Publishers Weekly
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"A New Voice"

--USA Today
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"This political farce is the perfect antidote for anyone still hung over from Obama/Hillary - and dreading the race to November"

-- Jen A. Miller, The Philadelphia Inquirer
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More Praise from the Blogosphere

"Surprisingly insightful. Folman takes dead aim at the current political landscape and almost always hits his marks."

--eBooks About Everything, Gigi Reynard

"While untold miles of paragraphs have been written about the upcoming presidential election and the aspiring candidates it's doubtful that any are more edgy, more entertaining than those found in Bill Folman's debut novel"

-- The Full Review.com, Gail Cooke

"A well-paced, fun, seemingly absurd novel"

-- The Savage Stacks

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