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There are many ways for us to keep in touch.  Here are a few:

Get on my mailing list
Are you interested in learning the latest news about me and my writing?  Have you ever wanted to be on a mailing list but been too afraid to sign up?  Have no fear!  I promise not to email you too often, and, if I break my word, you can take your name off the list at any time. (UPDATE: Actually, this mailing list has been stubborn lately so I've removed the link. Just email me at the address below to be put on the list)

E-mail me
You can send me electronic mail at bfolman AT  hotmail  dot com.

Have me talk to your book club
This works best if we're discussing my book, as it is the book I'm most familiar with. That said, I'm always open to new ideas.
  Drop me an email and we can try to set something up.

Socially network with me.
In the near future, I hope to change over my newly migrated Facebook group to a fan page, but in the meantime, you might be able to still friend me on MySpace (assuming that still exists) or better yet, follow me on Twitter, where I have been successfully not Tweeting since 2010.  When will I break my non-official vow of Twitter silence?  If you're not following me, you'll never know!

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